We consider ourself as dental networkers. We want to keep your teeth healthy as long as possibe.
Therefore we cooperate with other specialised dentists and surgeons, to achive optimal results for every client.

Our Partners are:
Parodontology: Dr. Lohmann&Dr. Lowden, Dr. Klocke
Orthodontics: Dr. Schneider, Dr. Brosda, Dr. Bimmler, Dr. Holtkamp
Oral and Maxofacialllll Surgery: Dr.Dr. Dihn, Dr. Dr. Frohn, Dr.Dr. Sieber, Dr. Dr. Heller, KGC Uerdingen
Dental Technicians Schwich&Caumanns, Houba&Offergeld, Zahnfee, Hermann
Physiotherapy: Fysio Frings, Ralf Niesters